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Frankly speaking, team as such is not present! The team goes from the construction "to oder about". And to oder about, levers of authority are necessary, and they are not present. As people which participate in our trips, do not take any obligations on themselves. Today the person goes in children's homes, and tomorrow - is not present. Today renders any material aid, and tomorrow - not. Connections which arise in this group of people,  are so miraculous, that they can not form a basis for association proof in any way. Anyone from participants, as a rule, never can guarantee the participation in the next trip. So, there are cases when the person at last moment refuses from participation in a trip and on the contrary, appears suddenly and unexpectedly on a place of a meeting, with an empty luggage carrier... Because participants of our activity are volunteers. Accordingly, duties of any are not present, all on a  good will. There are people which try to participate in all trips, and there are people which go through time, or even less often - time in three months, time per half-year. Someone is kept at home with a favourite work, mum, someone - the wife. I want to notice, that participation in trips does not make the person good automatically, as well as on the contrary, refusal of this activity does not make the person bad.

As I have already told, the team as such does not exist. There is rather a steady group of volunteers incorporated by the common idea of the help to pupils of children's homes. And into this group (I am absolutely convinced in it) enter not only participants of trips, but also simple people which, sharing our belief, do not presume absence on week-end for this or that reason. But, naturally, these people not simply "abstractly" share our belief. They do much for these children, even never seeing them. Their help does not become less valuable because of this. And these people - really our colleagues and adherents. In summary I want to add, that if enthusiasm will not go down, the group will not break up, and business will proceed, through year - other it will be a valid team. For now the slogan: " We are one team " must be considered only as attempt to give out desirable for valid.:-))) But I can tell, that for the two years of this activity I have met many - many good, very good, and simply remarkable people which I really love very much!

  Dialectic method - a method of knowledge of a matter in its development.

  It concerns also to concept of a team. One month ago I have written, that " teams, as such, does not exist ". And today it seems to me, that a skeleton of a team is present nevertheless. There are people which make business. Also there is a coordination in actions, there is a coordination, there is a mutual assistance. So, attributes of being a team are already here. I am not declined to overestimate our achievements. Let there will be a business, and an estimation we shall always have time to give. It would be desirable to tell more about people which manage these big, necessary and kind affairs. I shall allow myself to dream up a little, and conditionally "to divide " them into "categories".

  1.       I have divided active participants of our grouping into "old ones" and "beginners". It is rather conditional, because of the fact that much depends on activity and business qualities of concrete "Murziks".

  If to take, for example, Gennady (Gench) who, though has come only this year, and for the first time participated in trip February, 3-rd, already has had time to make so much, participated in such amount of trips, that in any way language does not turn to name him  "beginner". The matter is that for first four incomplete months of this year it is made more, than for all last year. And in many cases due to Gench and at his direct participation.

  To "old ones" I can relate also Bluff' (Dmitry) from his  wife Natalia which have joined us at the end of the last year.

  The same concerns to SerF (Sergey).

  After Sergey his friend Alexey (Alexey4M.) has joined  us, it is necessary to tell about Z8 and Albine.

   Z8-Zuka-(Olga) if  it is possible to tell, "veteran". The participant of the first mass trip to the 72-nd children's home of Rybinsk at April, 9, 2000. From that moment actively participated in trips, helped with money, and purchased in transportation, personally piloting her car. But the most indicative is the way how children treat her. They just idolize her!

  Albine... Not only a "veteran", but, I have told, " the veteran with stripes for wound ". The thing is that her first trip to children's homes of Rybinsk finished for her unsuccessfully (softly speaking). The motor vehicle in which she went as the passenger, has turned over, and if not a fair share of luck, the help of other crews of a column and art of doctors, all could be terminated tragically. But, thank God, all has costed! And today I even am at a loss to answer, in hpw many trips she has taken part. Definitely I can tell, that more, than in 10. Speaking about everything she made for us will take a lot of place. What to speak here about, what costs participation in only one New Year's trip! I was there and saw everything!! Such people are with us!!!

" Beginners "... Their number grows permanently. These are different people. These are people which came to us this year (for those who will read it in one year so to 2050, there is 2001 year:-)))). Very active, and not. Young, mature. But they are all unusual people. Our business demands the big efforts in general and above yourself in particular. The big efforts. Agree, that after working week, instead of the deserved rest in week-end only people with strong a mind and body can participate in rather wearisome trips, rising in 5 AM on Saturday, passing for two days from 700 up to 850 km. As one lady who has visited our site has told, " the help to children demands courage ". It is absolutely right. And so, who are they, recruits? Maryanna. Born to be a Murzik. I should say, an elit one:-))))! Maryanna is 20 years, she is a student. She has learned about us from a telecast. Since then joines us, when can.

  Lady the Iron Button. Lady is the perfect name for her. Iron - because iron. Iron lady. Simply. And the button... I do not know, why the button. Simply so developed historically. From easy hand of Ole Lukoe. The tremendous woman. A name of her husband is Dmitry. I had pleasure to participate with them in two trips. It was very pleasant. Extremely reliable, clever and kind people. On a number of the personal reasons in the closest future they cannot participate in our trips, but even in this case a lot is done by them. I am very grateful to them, and happy, that we got acquainted.

   Belief (Kin4) and Roman (Fixer Kerl). Have appeared one month ago, unexpectedly, but very opportunely. It was necessary to carry many cargo to Rybinsk, and the transport did not suffice. They have helped. I am obliged to them that trip to Shuya was held. Participated in two trips. Explanatory and constructive. I hope, that cooperation will proceed.

  Slava (Hurrier615). The person who has washed all our wards almost in a literal sense. He has simply got monstrous amount of shampoo and gel for soul (and also deodorants) for pupils of children's homes of Rybinsk. And has then repeated this feat with Shuya. No comments here. Separately I want to note, that Slava, as well as at the majority of participants, has a family and the child, very small, and he could do nothing with quiet conscience, or simply to be limited to material aid. But he has found an opportunity to participate on trip to Rybinsk, personally transporting the cargo.

  Vasily (Vasya). When during the preparation of trip to children's homes of Shuya such amount of a cargo was purchased, that it became clear, that there is a problem with its transportation as deus ex mashina in conference Murlandia appears Vasily, who had already rendered the material aid to our business, and has expressed desire to help. The spoon is dear to dinner. His capacious Lendrover appeared as a miracle.

   Alexey (Ex-Major). In general, not clear, why Ex? As it seems to me, Major stays Major even in Africa. And ex - it does not  mater. As far as I know, in Europe and America the major remain the major though he has left in resignation hundred years ago, and nobody addresses him: " Mister the ex-major ". Well, all right. What nick to take, is the private affair of everyone. I can tell the opinion only: Ex-Major = reliability.

  Alexander (Shurafam) and his wife Olja. Well, about his debut you can read read in the report on purchases " Murziks on low-level flight or as we bought jackets with Shurafam ". I shall tell you a secret, that the guy... 21 (!) year old only - you will understand as far as he is uneasy. At us, certainly, all people are uneasy, but for 21-st year such motions are unique enough.

  Galina. Participated in New Year's trip to children's homes of Rybinsk. Else in three trips to this year. The good, kind girl. Helps everything, than can. Has got the sea of a paint for repair of a very big childrens home in Shuya. And at the bottom of birth of children's home 72 Rybinsks they have undertaken the organization of competitions and quizes with Maryanna.

  It is separately necessary to tell about Ole Lukoe (Alexey Rudov). He has appeared an autumn of the last year, has offered to be connected to in what he is engaged. And he is engaged in such funny business, as the decision of problems of homeless children, which are now in Moscow more than enough. So, tastes "charm" of this process under the full program. Starting with how to persuade the homeless child to leave from street to a shelter, and finishing where to attach him, after a shelter. And in "interval" between it lays extensive, long and a thorny road on search of "ends" of the small homeless child. Namely: search of parents, places of a registration, any documents, relatives and definition of the further of " the legal status " "found" child. You see, that the child is homeless, does not mean at all that he is legally free. While his parents are not deprived parental rights, it is impossible to solve his further destiny, be even one hundred interested persons to adopt him. At Ole Lukoe has both experience: of dialogue with "problem" children, and with "problem" adults. And, by the way, some part of these "problem" adults is made by volunteers. Alexey does not participate in our trips, and it is not necessary. He renders very big, and the main thing, very valuable help as the expert in many questions concerning specificity of our activity, and also in the decision of many technical problems.

  There is one more person whom though does not participate in trips (and in general, can the person who has the two small children, afford himself two-day absence in week-end?) but thus is the active worker of our affair. He is Ilya (B@ld-113). He is very clever the person, structurally conceiving, superb understanding in many organizational and technical questions and, undoubtedly, very useful to our activity.

  Oh, has overlooked Murzik,  to write about who is most important. If it is possible to tell, Murland-citizen number one! He is the person who took part IN ALL trips without exception! He is always a hope and a support of all great undertakings. The most reliable, trouble-free, kind and disinterested Murzik. Hardworking and compassionate. The termless main reviewer, system administrator and the manager of Great Murlandia. Kot-Bayun.:-))))

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